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ZED (Beta)

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ZED (Beta)A Zombie Survival Simulated Board Game Main Objective: Escape the base through the Main Gate.
To access the Main Gate you will need the “Key Card” which is located in the Admin Bld.
If you are Bitten, use the “Adrenaline” shot to stave off infection. The “Adrenaline” is located in the Infirmary. NOTE: If you are Bitten and have NOT used the Adrenaline you will NOT be able to leave the base.
A Turn:
A turn starts with a roll of the die. Once the die has picked a number you will be at the Board. You can advance your piece on the board by clicking one of the dotted squares. If that roll lands you inside one of the base buildings you will have an opportunity to clear the building and search for items. If your roll lands you somewhere outside a building it is the next player’s turn.
Once inside a building the player will choose a ZED card by touching the ZED Card pile. A ZED card with a number will appear. This is the number of zombies you need to defeat in order to proceed. Touch the small die on the right side of the screen to see how much damage you will inflict. Once the die is rolled the player will choose which weapon to use. Each weapon is worth ‘x’ amount of kills. Simply multiply the amount of kills by the number on the die and that is how many zombies you will kill.
For instance, the handgun is worth 3 kills. If you rolled, a 2 then you can kill up to 6 zombies.
You can continue to pick off zombies until you are out of weapons. If zombies still remain you have two options. You can flee by using the Flee item OR you can fight with your hands. To use your fists roll the die and then click the fist above the die. The fist is only worth 1 kill multiplied by whatever the die roll is. In addition, if you use the fist and do not kill all the remaining zombies you will be Bitten.

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