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Seqic : An Experimental Music Sequencer

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Seqic : An Experimental Music SequencerAn experimental physics based rotational music sequencer. WIP
v0.2 [q][w][e][r][t][y][u] or [Touching the black buttons on the bottom] plays A-G notes.
[Flicking across a note] creates that note in the center of the screen to be placed in any spinner for sequencing.
The 3 spinning objects trigger the icons (which are the sounds.) Each spinning object is tied into an instrument. [LEFT] BASS [CENTER] DRUMS [RIGHT]CHORDS. Each spinning object has a box outside of it with three colorful squares. You can [drag] new sounds to be placed on each of their spinners respectively from these boxes.
There is a [ball] randomly moving around the screen. The ball will trigger random effects when it hits them. (You can also trigger most of the effects by [clicking] on them.) You can choose the movement of the ball (temporarily) by using the [Arrow Keys] but the ball randomly changes directions every 5 seconds. [Clicking] on the ball will make a new ball.
Pressing the icon will a key on it in the top left corner will change the key of the chords and bass. (Toggle)
[+,-,M] will make new +12OCT (Up one octave) -12OCT (Down one octave) and Mute. These are triggered by the ball.

Tips: The sequencer is not quantized, if you want something that makes musical sense use the grid (star) to kind of line up the icons.
If you want a new ball but are having trouble clicking on it, press the up key and the ball will be stuck on the top and easy to click on.

Mostly just play around and have fun! šŸ™‚

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